How To Play Golf Solitaire: Eliminating The Most Suitable Cards

The object of Golf Solitaire is pretty straight forward: eliminate the cards by picking them up with the ball. You have a limited Emojino casino number of turns (usually 5, but varies according to the version) so you must get as many cards eliminated as possible. Each time you eliminate one card, you move one space forward on your card pile. The object is still to eliminate all the cards in a set amount of time.

THE RULES. This version of golf solitaire follows the same rules as any solitaire game. You are always looking for the top card (called the King) and any cards that are placed onto this card are eliminated. Any cards that are left are placed onto the bottom of the deck.

Now for the tricky part. The way to win is to eliminate the five cards directly underneath the King, while leaving two un-dealt cards in the first row. Obviously this is impossible, so you must either hit these cards with the club or move one space forward into the fifth card from the top (the Queen). Of course, all these require skill and luck. King into the first slot, and then a deuce and queen into the second. This gives you four Evolve free spots to deal with the King and Ace and eliminates the possibility of having to place the un-dealt cards onto the table. It will still allow for four pairs to be opened up, but at least you will know where they are located. The same method can be applied to the fifth slot, and this should be done before moving any further forward. Now that you have mastered this method, you can move forward in an effort to eliminate all of the possible cards without placing any of them onto the table.

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